Gap Analysis

gap analysis serviceBefore you start a new business pursuit, you must take an in depth look at your company and determine if you are capable and ready for taking on this new work. But how ready is your company for the work you’re proposing? A gap analysis from McGrady & Associates, LLC will help you determine where you are, so you can identify the contract opportunities that can get your company to where you want to be.

What Gaps?

In the gap analysis by McGrady & Associates, LLC, the gaps we discover are those between your current capacity and capabilities and those outlined in documents like the Request for Information (RFI) from prospective bidders or the draft Request for Proposal (RFP).  It is not unusual for a business to not fully meet the requirements of an RFP. For example, you may not have all the administrative staff you need to fully execute the proposed project and track outcomes, or you may not be in compliance with certain quality assurance specifications or security requirements. With the help of McG&A QA security expertise, we will develop very capable QA and security programs for your company in short order.

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But gaps don’t have to prevent you from pursuing a bid opportunity. An awarded contract may provide the funds for additional staff; your company may already have pending QA certifications that will make you eligible by the time the contract is awarded; you can develop a security program.

What Gaps are Too Big?

There are times that requirements of an RFP are more than your business can reasonably provide or accomplish, even with extra funding through the award. If, for instance, an RFP requires reporting procedures that cannot be absorbed into the responsibilities of your current administrative staff, but no funding can be used for direct administrative expenditures, you may have a gap that your current operating budget can’t bridge. Or an RFP may require unique skill sets in a remote location and you cannot reasonably expect to hire people at a cost you can afford at the price you bid… a bridge too far. Contracts that do not allow subcontracting may also present a gap that is not cost effective for your company to attempt to close.

The Bottom Line

Through our gap analysis, McGrady & Associates, LLC will identify where your business does not or cannot currently meet RFP guidelines. Whether or not you are able to close those gaps depends on the amount of time and money you are willing to spend to increase your bid competitiveness. We can help you make an informed bid/no bid decision by helping you find the gaps and consider the long-term impact of closing them.