Competitive Analysis

competition analysisWhen you are developing a proposal for a government contract, you must remember that it is a competitive process—you are competing with other businesses for the same work. To be the most competitive, you need to know what you’re up against so that you can respond.

Just as sports teams send scouts to watch the competition to better understand an opponent’s offensive and defensive strategies, McGrady & Associates, LLC can analyze your competition to help you develop winning strategies for your proposal.

Contract Competitor Analysis

Understanding your competition requires more than just talking about who may compete with you. You need to know why and how they will compete. The McGrady & Associates, LLC has the knowledge and research capabilities to fully assess your competition.

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From Competitor Analysis to Competitive Proposal Creation

Once you have relevant, appropriate details about your competition, you need to transform that data into actionable information that strengthens your proposal. McGrady & Associates, LLC will help you translate the information from your competitor analysis into action items for your business and proposal development.

One action item that may come from competition analysis is teaming with a competitor. You may eliminate competition and increase your chance of success if you collaborate with a business who has complementary strengths—together offering the acquisition agency something neither of you could offer separately, perhaps capabilities that no other competitor can offer at all.


Collecting in-depth information about your competitors takes time—so does analyzing the data and figuring out how it should affect your proposal development strategies. The best time for a black hat review is very early in the proposal writing process, or possibly in conjunction with an assessment of your business before you even begin searching for bid opportunities. Contact us for more information today.